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Regenerative Therapy Niagara is a Niagara based restorative injection clinic operated through the orthopaedic medical office of Dr. David C. Martin.

At Regenerative Therapy Niagara our focus is on restorative injection therapy to treat arthritis by managing pain, improving movement, and promoting healing (pre or post surgery). This treatment can delay or help avoid surgery and improve recovery times by stimulating and intensifying the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Dr. David C. Martin

Dr. David C. Martin BCom., MBBCh, FRCSC

Dr. Martin is a highly experienced, retired orthopaedic surgeon and a former associate professor at McMaster University. He has been in practice for over 25 years, and worked at the St. Catharine’s Site of the Niagara Health System in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Martin specialized in elective total joint replacement surgery of mainly knees and hips. He has extensive experience in both trauma and arthroscopic surgery of shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.

He has performed thousands of joint injections using steroid and visco-supplementation (HA). He now offers regenerative treatment of damaged joints as well as soft tissue injury using PRP injections.



Painful Joints Due to Arthritis or Injury


Inflammatory Arthritis

Sports Injuries

Acute Tendon and Muscle Injuries
Soft-tissue Inflammation


Shoulder rotator cuff tears

Tennis & golfer's elbow

Achilles tendonitis

Plantar fasciitis

How We Treat

Steroid to Reduce Inflammation

Reduce pain, redness, and swelling.


Depo Medrol - local acting with little systemic effects.


No more than 4 injections per site per year.



Increase viscoelasticity and nutrition of joints.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - single, long acting injection - normally every 6 months..

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

Promote joint regeneration or healing of soft-tissue.

Using patient's own blood, centrifuged to extract plasma and platelets.

Joints: minimum of 2 injections, 4 weeks apart - optimally 3 injections.

Repeat treatment after 3 months if necessary.

Natural product: therefore no restriction on number of treatments.


Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy: PRP - Platelet-Rich Plasma


Stem cell therapy is the only form of treatment proven to restore damaged joints and soft tissues. Evidence of its effectiveness has been shown in the treatment of arthritic hips and knees where it appears to be the best pain reliever. It also achieves a more rapid recovery from soft tissue sports injuries such as Tennis Elbow. 


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are an indirect form of stem cell therapy. The procedure involves drawing a small amount of the patient's own blood and processing it (through a centrifuge), to extract only the platelets and serum, which contain growth factors. These are then injected into the arthritic joint stimulating the joint cartilage cells to proliferate and restore the surface cushioning. They also reduce pain through an anti inflammatory effect on the joint capsule. Similarly, this can have a healing effect on damaged soft tissues like ligaments and tendons.


Results of treatment vary with the degree of joint or soft tissue damage. The best results are seen in the treatment of early arthritis and acute soft tissue injuries. However, these treatments can provide a useful tool in the non-surgical management of chronically painful joints.



For any inquiries or to book a consultation

Call: (905) 937-1100



- A $25 fee applies to cancellations with less than 24hrs notice

- No shows result in a full appointment fee charge as we are unable to re-fill the opening

- New patients that no show will not be re-booked for another appointment


Cornerstone Pharmacy

B1-295 Fourth Ave.

St. Catharines ON

L2S 0E7

Live Well Pharmacy

3531 Portage Rd.

Niagara Falls ON

L2J 2K5

Tel: (905) 937-1100

Fax: (905) 937-5040

Thank you for your interest in Regenerative Therapy! We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Book a consultation: (905) 937-1100
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